01 aug 2020

Starting a blog on ESP32 and other stuff

Lately, due to COVID, I could not go to my studio to tinker and build stuff, so I decided to finally start om some home projects.
One of those projects is an upgrade for my doorbell.

I have been using the ESP32 for some projects, boggled some examples together, and made it work (after some trial and error).
Maybe now is the time to dive deeper into the ESP32 world and use this doorbell project as a good example.

Also, I decided to switch from the Arduino IDE to a more advanced IDE. One where GitHub is more integrated and where I can use a debugger. PlatformIO in combination with Visual Code Studio it is…

In the coming blogs, I will post my solutions I came up with after struggling with some problems and learning. These can be improvements in libraries, installation/setting whoos on PlatformIO, or best practices for getting things done with the ESP32.

Documenting this helps me learn (and remember) better and hopefully helps you also.

Enjoy reading,

Frits Jan van Kempen
product design engineer