This is ProductBakery

Together we bake lovely working prototypes and products

About us

ProductBakery is a young product design agency. We love the creation process, especially creating products for people. We cover the whole process of product design, from idea to production. But we love most what lies in between.

We like to think about ourselves as makers and tinkerers. We love to work with our hands and build stuff. We are well educated product design engineers so we know our mechanics, ergonomics, physics, electronics, materials, design, production and processes. But we like it most if we can just hobby along, think, try, fail, and rebuild.

We also know a lot about electronics and about webdesign. Therefore we like working with products which are connected, not only connected to the internet, but also to us humans.
The internet of things is a lot on our mind.

What we love to do

Concept development
Product Design
  • When I was a child I opened all products around me to see how they work.
    Sometimes I even got to put them back together again.

    - Frits Jan -
  • It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow.
    You have to fail often and fail fast in order to get good.

    - Lean Startup -